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The Wonderful World Of SEO

In case you have never heard of SEO, let me fill you in. It is not a high ranking executive at your company. It’s also not the newest celebrity baby name (I don’t know this for sure. Maybe it is.) SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and can play a very important role in how your company’s website is found, or not found, online. SEO work is, and has been, a very fast growing industry in the last 10 years. Companies would of course prefer to be found in search engines organically rather than having to pay for placement. This is what SEO is all about; the fight to get to the top of page one in Google.


Since SEO work became a recognized need globally within the past 10-15 years, there has been a boom in the number of companies and individuals claiming to be be experts in SEO. Each one claims that they, and they alone, can get you to the top of page one in Google. Google is obviously the gold standard here so we don’t need to pretend like everyone is clamoring to get to the top of page one of Bing or (sorry Jeeves). But while so many claim to be experts on how to do this well, more often than not, no guarantees will be provided. Why is that you ask? Because SEO is such a moving target with no guaranteed results, a lot of people who claim to be ‘Experts’ (scammers!!) have found a nice little niche to make money by potentially not doing anything and claiming ‘Well that’s just SEO for ya!’. This has unfortunately left a very bad taste in people’s mouths. SEO, when done properly, DOES work and can make a big difference.

When SEO work is done right it can be a wonderful and valuable tool for your company’s website and for your business. Being found easier online leads to greater brand recognition and more website driven opportunities and sales. After all, doesn’t every company want their website to be their best sales person? SEO work is always changing and everyone claims to have the magic bullet but it takes a lot of hard work on a continual basis to maintain your search engine supremacy. This makes finding the right company to do this work so important.

Here are some basic steps and tools you can do yourself to help your SEO optimization:

  • Linkbacks
  • Original Content
  • Blogging
  • Article Writing (Watch out for online article directories like Ezine. These hurt more than help)
  • Updated Online Business Listings
  • Social Media Interactions


Before you commit to using a company and start throwing your cash at them, make sure to request referrals, see examples, read reviews. Do your homework! SEO work is an extremely valuable tool to have working for you but it’s only valuable if it works! Otherwise you may as well set your money on fire to see how fast it burns. If you’re not sure where to turn when looking for SEO service, let TechBuckIT help with your search!