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Wired vs. Wireless – One or the Other. Or Both. Part II – Wireless

Wireless technology is great but like anything else it comes with it’s own strengths and weaknesses.  Wireless technology is literally everywhere these days.  Some might even say it is ubiquitous.  But that is not necessarily a good thing.  Let me ask you this; have you ever sat down, turned on your wireless device and looked at the available networks only to see that you have 100 different options?  Despite some of the awesome names people now give to their networks, this isn’t necessarily a good thing.

In fact this is a major problem all over the country and mainly in major cities as everyone seems to have a wireless router these days spitting out different SSIDs.  Each one of these wireless signals is trying to talk louder than the other so their user(s) can connect.  Because of this people and businesses alike are constantly having issue connecting and staying connected to their wireless signal.  This is the wireless dilemma – Reliability.

Now if you are not in a major city and/or don’t suffer from the above mentioned issues then wireless can be a fantastic and very convenient tool for your office.  The one thing that a wired office can’t provide is the ease and convenience of sitting anywhere you want and being able to connect to the internet on different devices.  In offices where staff move around a lot, sit in different offices, or have guests come in needing network access then wireless is a god send.  It can make your work life so much more pleasant and efficient.

I bet you’re thinking that wireless probably isn’t as secure as a wired connection.  If you weren’t thinking that than good for you….now keep reading!  This really depends on a lot of factors, but you can easily make your wireless network as secure as a wired one.  There are plenty of security measures that can be put into place to make sure your wireless network is locked down nice and tight.  Just remember though, there is no such thing as a 100% secure network.  So making sure you have all the necessary policies and procedures in place to protect your network is key. I wrote about security policies in a previous post but as you are an avid reader, I’m sure you already read that and remember it word for word.

In a perfect world your office would have both wired and wireless options for connectivity.  It merges the best of both worlds and the weaknesses of one can often times be negated by the strengths of the other.  If you’re not sure what is best for you I would suggest consulting with your IT advisers as they would be able to help guide you along.  Don’t have one? Don’t trust or like who you already have? Too scared to talk to your IT guy?  Well there is this little place that exists on the internet called TechBuckIT.  There you should be able to find what you need and get going in the right direction.  You can think of them as your personal guide through the often confusing and annoying world of IT.