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Wired vs. Wireless – One or the Other. Or Both. Part I – Wired

The short simple answer is no, you don’t NEED both.  But perhaps you should be asking if you SHOULD have both in your office.  I know, I know, I was the one asking the original question but just go with me here.  The short simple answer to this is maybe.  Whether you have one, the other, or both it really all comes down to your personal preference, how you use the internet, office workflow, and do you ever have guests in your office space?  In this two-part series we’ll discuss the differences between Wired and Wireless connectivity in your office.

Wired Office:

While the wireless world has made gigantic strides in the last 10-15 years, structured network cabling is still a great thing to have in your office.  In terms of reliability, a wired office is always going to be your best bet.  With more and more offices utilizing cloud based services and infrastructure, your connection to the internet, or lack thereof, can greatly impact your company’s operations.  The chances of your connection to the cyber webs getting dropped or cut off on a hard-wired connection is slim.

Another reason why network cabling isn’t going anywhere is because of these things called VoIP Phone Systems.  Ever heard of ‘em?  Most VoIP systems today still require a physical data connection.  Can you get phones that work on the wireless connection?  Of course you can. What a crazy question! You can get pretty much anything in a wireless option.  But again reliability, and now quality, really come into question.  Especially if you aren’t partitioning a certain amount of of your bandwidth to only be used by your VoIP system.  To have a cost effective VoIP system for your office, you will still need some data jacks in the wall.

Lastly, network cabling not only provides you with the option to very easily expand but over its lifetime will cost a lot less to maintain.