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SEO: Optimizing your TechBuckIT Listing

TechBuckIT was born from the idea of making it easier to find technology providers for any business.  Whether that need is software, web design, help-desk services, cabling or a plethora of any other IT related services.  TechBuckIT has simplified the search for IT services.

At the same time, we have created a simple and very cost-effective solution for IT providers of any kind to market themselves, their services, and their products.  More often than not, small-to-medium IT providers won’t have much, if any, marketing budgets to help promote their brand.  Because the founders of TechBuckIT knew this problem all too well, they developed something that ANY business can afford.

While we have created this fantastic site and service to help your business grow and drive more opportunity and sales, it is up to you to make your listing shine!  Below are the steps that your company can take to really optimize your TechBuckIT listing and make it work for you.

1. Claim Your Listing on TechBuckIT

This is obviously step 1 in getting started on TechBuckIT.  By doing this, you will immediately increase your list ranking and help your own website appear better in Google searches.  A TechBuckIT listing is something to be proud of so make sure yours is there, accurate, and ready to win your business.

2. Remove Duplicate ‘BuckIT’ Listings

Another important aspect of for helping your rankings and SEO is to remove duplicate BuckIT listings.  By simply searching for your company and removing any dups your listing will shine even brighter. You wouldn’t want potential customers landing on an unused listing of yours with outdated info only to move on to another company.  Make sure yours is the one-and-only and that it looks great with up to date information. There is only one you so make sure folks can find it.

4. Pick Your Categories Wisely

One of the most important aspects of you TechBuckIT listing are the categories you choose to list your business under.  These categories are where your company will show up the best and highest.  It’s important to make sure you have carefully selected the categories you believe describe your business services the best.  The more categories you list the better your business will show up not only on TechBuckIT but for search engine searches as well.  This simple, cost effective step can make a HUGE difference in driving more businesses in need to your listing.

5. Make Your Listing Easy To Find

Having your listing is great and will provide immediate help.  But the more visible you make your listing the better.  By Simply adding a link-back to your email signature, blog post, or on your website can help drive customers to you listing and read all the great reviews you have.  This is an easy way for a company to learn more about you and the services/products you provide.

7. Ask For Reviews

Don’t be shy when it comes to your online image and reviews.  There is nothing wrong with asking happy clients to let everyone else know how happy they are with the service you are providing them.  Customer reviews are a hugely important in eCommerce for improving your websites’ conversion rate and are a very big factor in how you are rated both on TechBuckIT but also in Google searches as well.  One of the greatest, and FREE, tools you can use is the ratings system on any online service directory.  This goes for TechBuckIT, Angie’s List, Yelp, and others. You can’t pay us for reviews, not even a billion dollars, so it is super important that you reach out to your existing client base for these. Just ask!  You may be pleasantly surprised!

8. Additional Marketing Tools

TechBuckIT offers additional tools to help your company stand out. An SEO optimized listing is a great tool in itself but you can never have too many tools when it comes to your marketing strategy.  Because we understand the needs and the budgets of small business we have created the Business ToolBuckIT to give you more marketing options at a very low price.  Read more about the Business ToolBuckIT HERE.

A TechBuckIT listing shouldn’t be the only tool in your online marketing strategy, but it will definitely be the most cost effective one that delivers the most.  A multi-pronged approach to online marketing is always a good idea but budgets don’t always allow for that. No matter what your budget, TechBuckIT has an option for your business to grow, thrive and drive more sales opportunities.


Search for your listing HERE.  If you find your company, go ahead and claim it to get started.  If you don’t see it already listed, then click HERE to view our partner levels and select the best fit for you! It all starts with a TechBuckIT listing