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April 2, 2015 (Denver, CO) — TechBuckIT is pleased to officially announce a new Internet service that will provide a conduit for businesses of all sizes to easily and efficiently locate an I.T. service company to meet their exact needs.  Technology businesses in all areas (mobile app development, network security, cloud computing, etc.) continue to grow and expand, which has made it increasingly difficult–and time consuming–to identify an I.T. service provider that can support the growing technology related needs of businesses everywhere.  With hundreds of unique visitors to on a daily basis through early marketing campaigns, our Business ToolBuckIT also serves as a great, cost-effective way for I.T. companies to easily market their services and products to any company or consumer with an I.T. need.

The reliance on technology by businesses is growing by the day.  TechBuckIT enables businesses to identify an I.T. provider as easily and efficiently as possible.  With over 35+ years in the I.T. Support and Service field, the founders of TechBuckIT know how difficult it can be to identify, qualify, and work with an I.T. company.  By providing a one-stop site for a business to locate an I.T. company that meets their exact needs, TechBuckIT will allow business owners and operators to focus on running and growing their business rather than spending time searching the internet trying to find I.T.

“While working in the IT sales industry for over 10 years, I would always ask potential clients ‘How did you find us?’  More often than not this was met with a chuckle and the response of ‘I have had to do a lot of Google searching’.  I came to the realization that while Google is a great tool, why search the entire Internet when you could just search IT providers in your area.” – Jeff (Co-Founder)

About TechBuckIT, LLC.

TechBuckIT provides a one-stop website where users can search for IT services, products, and providers to fulfill all of their IT related needs.  The goal of TechBuckIT is to become a conduit that connects IT service providers and IT related companies to businesses around the world.