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Common IT Misconceptions

With the rate of technology moving the way that it is today, it is very easy for people to fall behind in terms of understanding “Geek speak”, how certain technologies work, what technologies are available, and how it all ties together to make a business run.  This is very understandable for people who aren’t in the Tech industry.  But just because this is understandable doesn’t mean your business should suffer because of it — BECAUSE KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!  Below I’ll be covering some of the more common IT misconceptions and trying to clear some of them up.  Don’t roll your eyes at me!  Just keep reading!

Computer Systems Just Work! – In my IT experience, everyone seems to think whatever the problem is, there is a quick and easy fix.  This goes for everything from “My printer won’t print” and “My monitor just went black” to “There is smoke coming out of my server — That’s normal right?”  Let me be clear on this; IT IS NOT MAGIC, systems don’t fix themselves, and almost never do issues just disappear.  Chances are if that if your problem “Disappeared” that only means the problem has gotten worse and you just don’t receive the alerts anymore.  This is a perfect  time to start panicking! Understanding that systems work and don’t work for a reason is a very good first step to realizing just how important these systems are for your business.  Even if you’re business is a 2 computer shop, with little reliance on technology, having an understanding of the basics is important.

My Business Is Too Small To Worry About IT Security – If you have ever said this out loud, then please resign your position as you are unfit to run a business.  Seriously though, small businesses should be the most worried about security.  In reality, they have the most to lose and the least resources to fix an issue should it arise.  Having simple steps in place, like a firewall and antivirus software, can literally be a huge difference maker/life saver.  These can also be fairly cheap, and very cost effective solutions.  Security-by-obscurity is gone folks. Get with the times and protect your business!

My Business Runs Fine Without Technology’s Help – That very well may be true but the real question here is, can it run better?  No matter what your business model, how old the business is, or size of the company, there is always room for improvement.  Tasks can be run more efficiently. Data can be protected.  Systems can have more redundancy. Daily tedious tasks can be automated.  If you want to be competitive and grow, than technology is a friend and a necessity; not a necessary evil.  Embracing technology, albeit sometimes scary, will only help your business.  The hardest part is taking that first step.  Indiana Jones took that step on a bridge he couldn’t even see! You can too! So go on…..take it!

All Websites Are Created Equal – This could not be further from the truth.  Just because you have a website doesn’t mean that you’re all set and ready to compete for business.  In fact if your website looks like garbage, yes garbage, or it’s look is from 1994 then it is likely hurting your biz more than it is helping.  All websites are not created equal and standing out from your competition can be a key factor in whether you drive more sales or sink into the profitless abyss.  Having a great looking, functioning website can be a major springboard for your company not only getting noticed more but increasing the size of your sales funnel.  For a more in depth look into why you need a great webpage, check out our recent blog post about this HERE.

The Cloud Sounds Great — I Want That! – Cloud based solutions and services can indeed be great tool for your business BUT you need to make sure you are equipped to handle it.  Most people often don’t associate the need for bandwidth with cloud based services thanks to all the super fun advertising campaigns claiming how awesome the cloud is.  If the cloud were a drug commercial, they would list the need for bandwidth in the “Side effects” voice along with “May cause shortness of breath and upset stomach”.  You know the one that talks 100x faster than the rest of the commercial voice over?  The more your business is running cloud based services, the more bandwidth you’re going to need to handle it.  Cloud solutions allow for easy access to your data from anywhere as well as endless mobility but without the necessary bandwidth your cloud experience is going to be genuinely bad.  Don’t let a crummy connection to the internet leave a sour cloud taste in your mouth.  Make sure you do your homework first before jumping in teeth first into the cloud.

This is just scratching the surface of IT misconceptions out there today.  There are literally hundreds and really depend on each individuals level of understand of IT.  There is nothing wrong with not knowing it all or understanding “Tech talk”, but understanding the basics for your business is extremely important.