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IT and Technology Today

If you haven’t heard yet, IT and Technology play a pretty big role in how businesses operate and function today.  If this is news to you then let us be the first to say welcome to planet Earth.  It’s not as big as some planets, and not as shiny as others, but it’s not bad.

Getting back to the point.  The role of IT and Technology in businesses today are greater than ever before.  Businesses are using technology for everything they can think of to help increase profits, maximize operational efficiency, and to ensure their business and their priceless data are kept safe and secure.  Additionally, technology is helping to bridge the once very large gap between small/medium businesses (SMBs) and allowing them to compete with their larger counterparts. Imagine the age old battle of Dog Vs. Saber-toothed Tiger (It could happen!!)… Tiger wins every time right? But what if the dog was outfitted with a form fitting titanium exoskeleton allowing it to run 100 mph, jump 15ft high, and with a bite force of 5,000 PSI?  The tiger doesn’t seem so intimidating now.  Playing field leveled!

That example, while incredibly awesome, is a bit over the top, but the point is this; small and medium businesses can now operate more efficiently with less employees and less money spent on tasks that can now be automated and handled by technology. This means larger profit margins, more operating capital, and more focused employees for businesses that rely heavily on all of those.  After all, SMBs are the backbone of our economy so we want nothing more for them to thrive and grow.

One of the biggest obstacles for many small businesses to get over when it comes to technology is the cost.  But so much of that is perception.  “If it turns on and has blinking lights then it must be expensive.” said somebody somewhere.  As a result of SO MUCH growth, development, and competition in the tech sector, prices for pretty much everything, except IT humans, have come way down.  Technologies that were once only used by Fortune 500 companies are now in use in mom & pop shops all over the world.  The times they are a changin’!

To sum this thing up, Businesses need IT.  They crave technology.

Like it or not it is a necessity that will only help businesses to grow and succeed.  Technology and business go together like peas and carrots.

If you’re not sure what your businesses needs, TechBuckIT is here to help!  Contact us today to let us help you find the right company that meets your exact needs.