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Common IT Misconceptions

With the rate of technology moving the way that it is today, it is very easy for people to fall behind in terms of understanding “Geek speak”, how certain technologies work, what technologies are available, and how it all ties together to make a business run.  This is very understandable for people who aren’t in the Tech industry.  But just… Read more →

What is Cloud Computing?

What The Hell Is The Cloud?

I bet you, like most people on this planet, have seen some commercial about the almighty Cloud. The Cloud can revolutionize your business!  The Cloud can increase your sales!  The Cloud can hunt down lazy employees and make them conform to company policies and procedures by any means necessary!  If Hervé Villechaize was alive today, he would be in some… Read more →

Technology Today

IT and Technology Today

If you haven’t heard yet, IT and Technology play a pretty big role in how businesses operate and function today.  If this is news to you then let us be the first to say welcome to planet Earth.  It’s not as big as some planets, and not as shiny as others, but it’s not bad. Getting back to the point.… Read more →