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Mission Statement

TechBuckIT provides a one-stop website where users can search for IT services, products, and providers to fulfill all of their IT related needs.  The goal of TechBuckIT is to become a conduit that connects IT service providers and IT related companies to businesses around the world.

Company Information

All 3 co-founders currently work in the field of IT Support Services.  Having a combined 35+ years of experience in providing IT support, services, consulting, and sales to businesses of all sizes in all verticals.

The landscape of the IT Services & Products environment has grown exponentially and evolved with better–and ever-changing–technologies.  This has led many businesses to re-evaluate their IT needs in terms of technologies, support needs, and staffing.  Additionally, with so many IT companies out there now doing so many different things, it has made it more and more difficult to easily locate an IT company to fit a business’s specific need and budget.

The idea for TechBuckIT was born when we noticed a gap in the market for a single source site to find any and all IT Services and Products.  Similar to other information aggregation sites, nothing currently exists for IT Services and Products.  This leaves businesses searching Google, vendor websites, or asking clients and/or partners for referrals.  All of these methods to finding IT Services and Products are time consuming and often do not yield the desired results.  We want to change this!

TechBuckIT provides a single source for all of this information so the end-user can locate IT easily and make an informed decision.


Welcome to TechBuckIT!  Your IT Search. Simplified.