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TechBuckIT provides a one-stop site for finding any I.T. services, products, and/or needs. We here at TechBuckIT pride ourselves on providing a simple conduit that connects businesses to I.T. service providers.

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10 Musts For IT Sales Success

IT sales success can be an elusive beast similar to Bigfoot or a truthful politician. It’s out there. It’s a real thing. Sometimes it takes time and patience to find it. There are certain things IT companies and sales-folk alike can do to increases their chances of success. No one…

Sorry, no magic button.

Common IT Misconceptions

With the rate of technology moving the way that it is today, it is very easy for people to fall…

What is Cloud Computing?

What The Hell Is The Cloud?

I bet you, like most people on this planet, have seen some commercial about the almighty Cloud. The Cloud can…